Did you know that manufacturers in the USA are not required to disclose hundreds of hidden ingredients, chemicals, allergens or irritants? We believe in truth in manufacturing. 

Here are just a few things to be aware of when consuming many foods and beverages on the market today  


Natural Flavors

The vast majority of products we consume contain “natural” flavors, which are not natural at all. Natural flavors are proprietary information often protected by trademarks and lots of legal jargon which confuses the consumer on what a natural flavor actually is.

“Natural” flavors often contain chemicals, carrier solvents, and preservatives. They do not have to come from the fruit/herb they are said to be from. Orange “natural” flavors does not have to contain ANY orange. For an even mor disgusting examples “Naturally flavored” vanilla is often extracted from a beaver’s anal gland secretions because the estrogen intensifies the flavor.

This is why Tipsy Spritzers uses ORGANIC flavors. In order to be an “organic” flavor, 100% of the flavor has to come from the associated fruit/herb. Don’t American consumers deserve this same set of standards for all flavors?

Long story short… “natural” flavors are not natural. In fact they’re super sketchy “Organic” flavors are 100% natural, which is what Tipsy Spritzers uses,



Velcorin is almost every canned beverage on the market, alcohol or no alcohol, chances are your cans contain a dose of Velcorin. Velcorin is a known neurotoxin and carcinogen, which can cause cancer or potentially other harmful side effects. However, it’s marketed as a microbiological agent to preserve products and extend shelf life. It is never disclosed on the ingredient label. The FDA says it doesn’t need to be disclosed because it “dissipates” within 24 hours… inside of an enclosed and sealed can? Where does it go? 

Tipsy Spritzers found one of the few copackers in the United States that offers tunnel pasteurizing… the only way to can a mixed beverage without ANY preservatives. Tunnel Pasteurization works by heating and cooling the cans. It’s an expensive and timely process, but our health is always worth the extra investment. Especially for something you drink regularly.

Long story short… majority of canned beverages use a toxic chemical called Velcorin to preserve the product. Tipsy Spritzers uses tunnel pasteurization instead, and zero preservatives.


Food Colorings

Many manufacturers use food colorings to darken or tint wine and juice. ALL of Tipsy’s flavorings and colorings are organic and come from the fruit itself (ie orange flavor comes from orange peel). Even our colorings come from fruit and vegetable juice – for example, our grapefruit spritzer contains beet juice to give it a deeper pink hue!

Long story short… we use fruits and vegetables to color our spritzers! 


Preservatives & Chemicals

There are numerous chemical agents and preservatives that may be added to your canned beverage with no disclosure whatsoever. Many canned alcoholic beverages contain potassium sorbate or added sulfites, which can irritate allergies & raise histamine levels (hello sinus issues after red wine).

Long story short… Tipsy Spritzers is 100% preservative and chemical free.



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